Privacy Statement

We ask for and use basic personal data (name, email address, address, telephone-number) of customers to provide our services. What data we process, what we use them for and what we do with them can be found in this privacy statement. This statement is in line with our national and international laws and regulations and it describes how Vonk the privacy guarantees, protects and maintains.

The rules of thumb we wield:

  • We process personal data according to the law, and do that with ultimate precision.
  • We use as little as necessary of the personal data, and only use data that can be directly linked to a clearly described goal.
  • We store the data as shortly as possible.
  • We deal confidentially with the personal data.
  • We don’t share personal data with third parties, unless the customer explicitly allowed us to do so.
  • The systems and processes in which the data is used, are robust and safe (both online and offline). The safeguard is described separately and is cyclically monitored.
  • Personal data remains to be property of the person concerned, who determines what happens with the data, unless there is a legal obligation (e.g. tax authorities).

Cookies Policy

We use 3 types of cookies:

  1. Functional Cookies; to build a well-functioning webshop (Vonk uses WooCommerce).
  2. Analytical Cookies; to track the number of visitors per page. We don’t store any IP addresses (Vonk uses Google Analytics).
  3. Tracking Cookies; to create a functioning member environment on the website (this gives us access to shielded content).

During the first visit, we notify the visitor of the usage of cookies and ask the visitor for permission.

There are four places where we store data, with each a policy of their own:
1. Our webshop (the foundation is the execution of an agreement)
In the webshop, we ask for name, address and email address which we need for sending the invoices and the login code for access to our platform. In the webshop, approves the person concerned that we use this data for invoicing. In case the person concerned chooses to create an account, basic personal data, order history and invoices will remain accessible. The invoices and thus the personal data are stored in Vonk’s bookkeeping conform the legal period of 7 years.

2. The testplatform (execution of an agreement)
On our testplatform (Vonk uses a self-developed platform named ‘De Matrix’), name and login code are used as an unique ID. The same name and login code can be used to access the portal where data subject can collect his report. A shortened version of our privacy statement (a summary of these regulations) is shown on the first slide of the testplatform. The person concerned must agree. A report is accessible for one year. Personal data will thereafter be anonymized and can no longer be traced back to a person

3. The marketing platform (the basis is permission)
The person concerned agrees and gives us permission for storing their name and email address in our marketing platform (Vonk uses Infusionsoft). There are two goals:

  1. Get access to shielded content (video and text).
  2. Get send articles with offers for relevant services. Within every email there is the possible to cancel this service.

It is possible to segment groups according to branche, profession or activity (as a result of clicks or downloads by the person concerned). The segmentation leads to lists that allow Vonk to send as relevant as possible information. When the person concerned cancels this option, data will be anonymized and Vonk can no longer access those.

4. The Outlook Address Book (the basis is legitimate interest)
When Vonk contacts the customer through phone or email, their name and email address/phone number will be saved in our Outlook-address book.

In no way is special person data (sex, age, nationality) saved or processed.

The processing of data

Vonk as controller uses a processing register where employees have different rights per processing activity. It involves:

  • Collecting, securing and organizing
  • Saving, updating and editing
  • Requesting, consulting and using
  • Providing through forwarding
  • Distribution or any other form of provision
  • Connecting
  • Protecting, erasing or destroying data

Who else has access to the confidential personal data

We only forward personal data to other parties when it improves or is necessary for our services. It involves parties like delivery partners, payment partners and IT-suppliers. The parties who have access to the personal data, can use it for services on behalf ‘Vonk Competentie Expertise B.V.’ only. We have processor agreements with all of these parties.

Data Breaches
Vonk complies with the data breach reporting obligation. This entails that we report a breach of personal data to the authority of personal data within 72 hours of noticing. Found a possible data breach? Please notify us as soon as possible, but at least within 24 hours after the data breach has been discovered. Please email us: Please state your name, the organisation you work for, your phone number and a short description of the possible data breach. After reception we will contact you so that we can take measure to minimize possible consequences. We will then assess the severity of the breach and determine whether or not we will report it to the authority and the people concerned. Not sure if there is a data breach? Then report the possible data breach to us. We would rather hear about it an extra time than not at all.

Questions and complaints
Any questions or complaints about your data or the protection of you privacy? Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. You can send us an email: or you can contact us by letter: Assiesstra