Seven Qualities every Youth Care Professional
should have (or develop).

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If you want to find out what the key competencies are for a specific role or job, you should look at what it is that make people fail in that job. Once you have a clear view of the most important causes for failure, it will be obvious, in reverse, what is extremely important.

The following characteristics will put you at a huge risk for failure as a youth care professional:

  • Not listening very carefully
  • Avoiding confrontations 
  • Not taking charge when you need to
  • Failing to follow through with agreed upon plans and methods too easily
  • Being too helpful and as a result, taking over responsibilities too fast
  • Thinking you can do it on your own
  • Not being able to see how you contributed when things go wrong

In reverse, as a youth care professional you should have or develop the next seven qualities:

  • Listen well
  • Take position and stand your ground
  • Take charge
  • Stick to the plan
  • Support, but don’t take over
  • Work together
  • Look in the mirror

Based on research and experience, the next three statements are also true:

  1. These seven qualities are more or less anchored in our character. In other words, you either have them or you don’t.
  2. As a youth care professional, you yourself are your most important tool for the job, sometimes even the only one.
  3. It is statistically impossible for one person to possess all seven qualities by nature.

This forces us to draw the conclusion:

Everybody is incompetent.

The question is, “How bad is it?” and: “What are we going to do about it?”